Monday, December 13, 2010


It's been forever since my last post. Stuff's been looking a bit better these days, though other difficulties have popped up. I guess all I can do is just get through it, like everyone else does.

I haven't been reading too much yuri lately, but I'll probably tell a little real life story in my next post.

The Girlfriends manga is finally over (the last omake was scanlated a week or so ago), and Sasameki Koto is being scanlated by some cool /u/ people every few occasions it comes out, since Dynasty Scans likes to wait for the whole volume before releasing.

In other interesting news, someone called SaintBomber let some /u/ denizens beta test a game he made in RPGMaker 2003, and I got to be one of those denizens. Surprisingly, for a game made in RPG Maker, it's good. Most games tend to be fairly distasteful or boring or shallow or poorly written, but this one has its emphasis all on the dialogue and the events, and as far as I've seen, has no combat whatsoever. It's amazing for a game like that. And, naturally, it's a yuri-themed game. Brilliant work, in my opinion.

And that's the tidbit of news for today, if anyone's still reading. I should go check out some blogs now.


  1. Passing through. There are people still reading.

  2. Nice to have you back! Post some screenshots if you can!

  3. Welcome back looking forward to some great posts of yours

  4. Had spread their cursed deed, and honourd name Following!

  5. hahaha, right on check out my blog