Sunday, October 10, 2010

How it is Everywhere, and the Mediocrity of my Design Skills

And my capitalization choices. Excrement on a stick, my capitalization choices for this title suck. Knowing that my design skill is horrifyingly subpar, and that my ability to create webpages is about as good as a worm's ability to tap dance.

...Goddamnit. Anyway, this is fairly serious. A week or two ago, I was perfectly fine milling around life, not thinking much on topics of manga. I was working on some art-style crap, contributing to a project online, doing some mild, noobish bboying, and generally feeling accomplished in a lazy way. And then stuff blew up in my face. I stumbled upon HasuxMedo, that real life story of two girls who fell in love which was eventually turned into a manga, and then from there on I ran into Sasameki Koto and ended up whirling around viciously in a sort of cacophonous, freestyling desire for more of the same. I'm not even sure if my writing's at all clear at the moment.

But this actually travels quite a bit further back. I didn't start my like of yuri just weeks ago--it was kind of an extended, drawn-out period of time, much like a courtship in the 1800s. Think of me as the gentleman, and a billion other mangas as my women. Wait, what do you mean that's not how it worked back then?

It started with the manga that had a bit of yuri on the sidelines. Mahou Sensei Negima's Setsuna x Konoka, for a prominent example. I had touched (fondled?) Kannazuki no Miko some years past, and experienced the bizarre wonder that was Strawberry Shake Sweet, but I didn't consider myself a purveyor of yuri manga. I just read manga as a side thing, a source of amusement, ...but unfortunately, now, I think I'm starting to get a bit obsessed. Maybe it'll pass. But now, because of this, I dedicate this blog to the ups and downs, the minutiae and the macrocosms, and the oozing possibility of addiction to yuri that I may have in the future. Argh, yuri everywhere. 

See?! It's even in my MS Paint now. Gnhghngh.

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