Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Top 5 Yuri Manga: #5 Kannazuki No Miko

So I was all thinking, what should I post next? And then it hit me. Lists of things! Yes! That's exactly what I should do, to keep my thoughts in order. So here we will have my top five yuri manga. 8D.

#5 Kannazuki No Miko

Goddamn it, as soon as I said the name I now have the ending song stuck in my head.

Alright, so I did watch the anime + read the manga for this. Maybe it doesn't quite count as solely a manga for this list...but I chose it, and I'm going through with it. Hells yeah. This ending song is awesome. I'm going to listen to it as I write this.

Kannazuki No Miko is the story of two high school girls, attending one of those excessively rich high schools. The girls are the reincarnations of the Solar and Lunar priestesses, and when suddenly an evil force rears its ugly head, the two have to defeat it. Basically, the usual destiny setup, used partly as an excuse to splatter delicious yuri everywhere.

Pictured: Delicious love.

The plot is admittedly a bit silly at times, what with the giant mech springing out of existence, and glowy tattoos and mysterious happenings, and the usual imagined-betrayal part in the middle, ending with a glorious reunion...The blue-haired girl, Chikane, who you can instantly tell is the top here, proves herself to be depressingly ineffectual in the beginning every single time Himeko gets captured or harassed or injured or what not. It got slightly annoying, since Himeko ends up getting saved multiple times by this other dude, but all goes well in the end when Chikane finally busts out some power and starts owning things in sight. There's even a particularly interesting psychological scene in the manga.

Yuri, priestesses, nonconsent, mecha. Woo!

So if I can finally get myself to be more concise, instead of rambling, I'd say this: The plot is adequate, though it's kind of a thin veil over a load of pretty sweet yuri, and if you can get past the initially stumbling part of Chikane being all useless, it actually becomes somewhat engaging and meaningful. It kind of addresses philosophical thoughts about loneliness, betrayal, and doing something that hurts you to make the person you love feel better. The focus of it gets better as it nears the ending, where one of the priestesses have to sacrifice the other...but perhaps I shouldn't spoil too much. Either way, it's crazy, and the ending did make me feel a twinge of emotion. For that, plus the good art and liberal amounts of yuri, I grant Kannazuki no Miko a spot on my top five list. :3

Also because this famous scene from the ED has spawned countless parodies. Some of which include some seriously awesome parodies of Hayate X Blade...

Aren't those awesome? Which leads me on to the next one...


  1. Yuri everywhere? I'm okay with this. Dat ED. KOTOKO is great.

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  3. I've never really known/viewed yuri, but it seem's to be relevant to my interest's!

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